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We were flattered at eBoom when Specialized asked us to become one of their dealers last year. They were looking for a shop in our area with experience and expertise in selling and servicing electric bikes. We’ve been selling them for almost a year now and are very impressed with the high quality, versatility, and smoothness of their ebikes, which they call Turbo bikes. 

About Specialized

Specialized started in 1974 in Morgan Hill, CA as a competitor to Trek bikes. Over the years, Specialized has become a top bike manufacturer in the US, known for their quality, innovation, and performance. They offer a wide range of bikes and Turbo bikes. Their bikes are, unquestionably, among the best in the bicycle industry.  


Consider Vado your high-performance transportation bike, getting you where you’re going with an unmatched combination of speed, reliability, and confidence. Whether you load it up with your stuff, or jump on and go, commute to work, or ride to the gym, Vado’s full power and huge range will get you there ASAP. Call 317-340-4156 for availability.


Meet the Vado SL. This super-light ebike was designed to take on anything from daily commutes through urban landscapes to clocking even faster workouts. Need to carry your bike? No sweat. Weighing 40% less than the full-power Vado, there’s no other electric bike out there with ride quality, range, and power like this. All you need to do is get on and go. Call 317-340-4156 for availability.


Como is a laid-back ebike with a clean look and upright rider position for convenient comfort and style. This full-power electric bike was designed for city streets and comes equipped with fenders, lights, and a low step-through frame, making it perfect for daily commutes or riding around town. Como offers the best combination of power, range, and usability while remaining incredibly versatile. You will never have to sacrifice comfort for style. You’ll find yourself making up errands to ride it again. Call 317-340-4156 for availability.


Como SL is a sporty and comfortable electric cruiser with an easy-to-step-through frame that makes hopping on a breeze. These electric cruisers prioritize comfort and ease of use. The Como SL also has fenders to keep you clean and dry, plus a front basket to help transport gear, groceries, or your dog. Fix two panniers on the rear rack-fenders for extra cargo and hit the lights for visibility day or night. It has everything you need to hop on and go.Call 317-340-4156 for availability.


Road or Gravel? 5 miles or 5 hours? Climb or Descend? Suffer or Smile? More power or less weight? Creo 2 isn’t about having to choose. It’s about having it all. With more power, big range, lightweight, huge tire clearance, and Future Shock 3.0, it’s category defying, making previously impossible rides possible.

Due to popularity and some production hold-ups, the Creo 2 won’t be available until late summer 2024 at our shop (maybe earlier at some select Specialized locations).

There are a few Creo 1 Turbo bikes still available mainly in larger sizes. Call 317-340-4156 for availability.


With 419 pounds of cargo capacity (rider included) up to 60 miles at a time, this fully customizable electric bike has the speed, power, range, and stability to get you wherever you need to go with whatever you need. With a grip of mounting opportunities, you can bring the kids, a kayak, and stop on the way home for groceries. Don’t sweat it getting dark on you either. Integrated front and rear lights will have you dialed from dawn patrol to golden hour. Call 317-340-4156 for availability.


All the Haul features you love with an extended back end. The Haul LT delivers an increased carrying capacity and a rear rack twice the size so you can get more into it than ever before. Brand new accessory options available only on the LT make it more customizable, for whatever you need however you need it. It’s your specially designed tool to do it all… Is that your car breaking into a nervous sweat?

Designed to tackle the biggest errands you can dream up with a 31 inch long, MIK-compatible rear rack and tons of additional accessory mounts along the frame and fork.

The extra-wide center stand helps make loading and unloading your cargo, up to 441 lbs of it (rider included), safe and easy. The full-coverage fenders and rear wheel covers help keep you and your bike clean and debris out of your spokes. Call 317-340-4156 for availability.


Looking for a commuter you can take touring? A touring bike that can haul cargo? This is it. In a word, the Tero is unstoppable. Off-road capable wheels and tires, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, and a full-on suspension fork can transform every ride into an adventure, whether you’re on dirt roads or cruising through the concrete jungle. Turbo Tero X is a full-suspension version. Call 317-340-4156 for availability.

Download the Specialized App

All of the Specialized Turbo electric bikes pair with the Specialized app that you can put on an iPhone or Android phone. The Specialized app has many features, including; ride recording, performance tracking, rider stats, route tracking, smart control, and much more!

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