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Meet the Team

We're here for you!

Forget faceless retail giants! At our shop, the staff are like your favorite, slightly-nutty family members (in the best way possible, of course).  A few of us have been here practically since the stone age (well, seven years ago), and the rest of the crew are a bunch of friendly faces you can always count on for a helping hand and great service.

Meet Our Service Manager

Meet Brandon, eBoom's service manager. He's a bike nerd through and through, but he also plays in a band, kayaks, and enjoys a good IPA after a long day.

Brandon knows bikes inside and out. He can set you up with tubeless tires, fix your suspension, adjust your Shimano GRX shifters, clean up your SRAM cassette, and fit a tiny tube in a scooter wheel (no easy feat). He'll also overhaul your bike so it looks and performs like new.

Brandon is also a problem-solver. He's probably one of the best electric bike technicians in Indiana, if not the Midwest. We're confident about this, or we wouldn't brag so much.

Customers really like Brandon and his team. They are kind and treat all cyclists the same. It doesn't matter what our customers ride, how much their bikes are worth, or when they bought their bikes. To Brandon, and to eBoom, our customers are top priority.

Meet Our Shop Manager

Sean has been helping customers at eBoom find their perfect ebikes for several years now. He’s just a laid-back, friendly guy who is always willing to help and who knows many things about cycling. He’s been in the business for many years and even owned part of a trike/recumbent shop.

Sean loves biking, of course, but he is also a mean pickleball player who is very light on his feet. He moves across the court at lightning speed while having a lots of fun. 

For our customers, he is “Mr. Dependable.” You can rely on Sean to help you find what you need at the shop, and he is always up for taking customers out on a test ride through the beautiful park.