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About Aventon

Aventon is a part of Avant Sports known for its single-speed racing bikes. The owner of the company has his own factory which gives him the ability to stay ahead of the industry in ebike technology and to keep producing quality ebikes at competitive prices.

Aventon is now on their second and third generation of bikes. They've added torque sensing to their pedal assist. This provides a more natural feel when riding and using the motor, and it helps extend the bike's range. Torque sensing takes the jerkiness out of the ride and keeps you from feeling as if you're blasting off when using the motor assistance. 

Bicycling Magazine's Best Bikes

Aventon Level.2

Bicycling Magazine's Best Overall Electric Bike Pick for 2023

Aventon Aventure.2

Bicycling Magazine's Best Fat Tire Electric Bike Pick for 2023

Aventon Bike Models

Here's eBoom's quick synopsis on each Aventon electric bike model. All of these ebikes have the torque sensing feature, front and rear integrated lights, and removable batteries.  You can read more bike details and specs when looking at the bikes in our shopping catalog. If class matters, this bike can be a Class 1 (unplug the throttle), Class 2 (bike as is) or Class 3 (use the app to go 28 mph). 

Pace 500.3

This is our best-selling ebike in the shop. Do you experience pain in your wrists or hands when riding? This bike's set up greatly reduces that problem. The Pace 500.3 offers a nice, relaxed riding position where the rider sits up and holds onto an ergonomic handlebar and grips. It's easy to get on and off using the step through model and has wide enough tires for easy handling and for tackling some off-road trails. Call 317-340-4156 for availability.


The Level.2 is known as a commuter’s ebike. It basically has the same electronic system as the Pace 500.3 but the geometry of the bike is set up differently. It's more of a hybrid with flat handlebars and the riding position is a more aggressive style for riding fast. However, we have made some modifications to this bike for customers who like the ride but want it to be more relaxed like the Pace 500.3. So, we can swap out the handlebars or add a stem riser to get the rider in a more comfortable upright position. We've sold this bike model to our local police department who really enjoy it for patrolling the city streets.

Differences Between the Pace 500.3 and Level.2

- Pace 500.3 frame geometry is in a more relaxed, upright position
- Both bikes have built-in front and rear lights.
- The Pace 500.3 has turn signals. The Level.2 does not.
- The Level.2 comes with a fender set and rear rack. If you want these features on the Pace 500.3, they can be added at an extra cost.
- Colors are different between the two bike types.
- Level.2 has a front suspension fork and the Pace 500.3 doesn’t (though we can add one)
- Same motor size: 500 watts.
- Level.2 (62 lbs) weighs 10 pounds more than the Pace 500.3 (52 lbs)


This is Aventon's fat tire ebike. It's also a customer favorite because it provides a smooth, cushy ride and can tackle more rugged trails. It also looks super cool. The bike comes in both a step through and step over frame. The Aventure has a 750-watt motor and can hold up to 400 pounds. It is a heavy bike at 77 pounds because of the fat tires. We do have car racks that will hold two of the Aventures together. We have sold this bike model to both local police and EMT services. Call 317-340-4156 for availability.

Sinch.2 Folding

Our customers who own RVs love this bike as well as those who like the small size and folding feature. The Sinch.2 has 20-inch fat tires that make it easier for shorter riders to fit comfortably. The fat tires provide a nice, cushy ride over rough terrain. The handlebar scopes up and down to fit the rider's size and it comes in a nice easy entry design. This bike does fold in half for easy transportation and storage. And, it's just very fun to ride. Campers can ride it through the campgrounds or into town for fun and supplies. It's also nice to load it into the trunk of your car and take it to a park for a leisurely ride. Call 317-340-4156 for availability.

Abound Cargo Bike

 Take the kids, take the dog or go get groceries. Many cargo ebikes are so big and bulky, they're difficult to ride. Some are so heavy you feel as if you could easily go down. Not this one. The Abound rides like the Pace 500.3, but has a 750-watt motor for hauling weight. The bike is smooth, not too heavy, and easy to get on and off. If you have lots to carry on your rides, this ebike is just right. Call 317-340-4156 for availability.


This ebike has a lighter frame and a 350-watt motor. It's not ideal for climbing big hills or carrying a load but is a good bike for riding about town. It's easy to transport or store in an upstairs apartment since it’s not too heavy to carry. If you live in an urban area and just want to get around town easily, or you want a sporty, lighter weight ride, this is the ebike for you. Call 317-340-4156 for availability.


NEW! This is Aventon’s first e-mountain and mid-drive motor ebike. Everything about the Ramblas is high quality and inspiring. This hardtail, all-terrain ebike offers the ultimate comfort on mountain trails or city streets. Engage its three pedal assist levels, top speed of 20 mph, and range of up to 80 miles to roam, ramble, and revel in the more dynamic side of the ride. The front suspension fork is by RockShox, and they use SRAM made brakes and drivetrain. The mid-drive motor is Aventon-designed offering riders personalized tuning capabilities through the Aventon app for an amplified natural riding experience. This bike is a super climber with 100 nm of torque, and it has a dropper seatpost. If you love to ride the trails, this bike is totally for you. Call 317-340-4156 for availability.

Aventon App

Download on your iPhone or Android phone from their app stores

You can customize your bike settings on your Aventon ebike, including:
Give your ebike a nickname
Adjust screen brightness
Auto power-off timer to shut off backlight Change the top speed (only for Aventure, Pace, Level)
Switch between mph and KM/H
Total miles tracked and calories burned
Odometer recording monthly miles and overall
See yourself biking in real time, viewing routes on your smartphone
Connect with other Aventon riders
Can earn Aventon reward points