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Bike Maintenance

Recommended Maintenance Plan

After we sell an ebike, we’re often asked how to maintain the bike between services. Here is some general advice.

Before Each Ride

5 Min

Quick visual inspection: Check for flat tires, loose spokes, damage to the frame, and proper brake and gear function.

Tire pressure: Inflate tires to the recommended PSI listed on the sidewall.

After Each Ride

10 Min

Wipe down: Remove dirt and grime with a damp cloth. Pay attention to the drivetrain and brakes. We recommend occasionally using an ebike cleaner by Finish Line.

Chain lubrication: Apply lube to the chain after cleaning any visible grit. We recommend using Finish Line ebike chain lube.

Battery care: Avoid extreme temperatures and charge the battery before it’s low.


30 Min

Detailed cleaning: Deep clean the entire bike, including the wheels, frame, and drivetrain. We recommend using Pedro’s Green Fizz Bike Wash.

Brake inspection: Check brake pads for wear and adjust if necessary.

Gear inspection: Ensure smooth shifting and tighten cables if loose.

Spoke tension check: Look for loose spokes and tighten them gently if needed.


1-2 Hours

Thorough lubrication: Lube all moving parts, including bearings, pedals, and derailleurs. We recommend Triflow Superior Bike Lube.

Brake and gear tune-up: Adjust brakes and gears for optimal performance.

Tighten all bolts and nuts: Prevent loosening from vibrations.

Check wear and tear: Inspect tires, brake pads, chain, and cassette for wear and replace if necessary.


Professional Service

Complete tune-up: Bring your ebike in to eBoom Electric Bikes for a comprehensive service, including checking the electrical system and motor.

Battery health check: We will ensure the battery is functioning properly.

We're Here to Help

No matter if your trusty bike is a tiny tyke's roadster, a mountain-conquering machine, a sleek road warrior, or a laid-back cruiser, our team of skilled mechanics has the know-how to get it back in top shape. From flats and wobbly wheels to complex gear adjustments and frame tweaks, we tackle any two-wheeled challenge with expertise and a smile. We'll source the perfect parts to fit your bike and your budget, ensuring your next ride is safe, smooth, and pure fun. So, ditch the wrenches and let eBoom bring your bike back to life!

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