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Since we started eBoom in 2016, we've been attending electric bike shows all over the US. In 2018 we discovered the Gazelle electric bike brand at an international show in Las Vegas. What a find! Seems like in 2016 we were running into many homemade ebikes from companies just getting started in the US. Some of these starter ebike brands road clunky and didn't provide much control. Then we road a Gazelle.

About Gazelle

Gazelles are made in the Netherlands by a company manufacturing bicycles for over 100 years. The Dutch love to ride bikes, and if you've ever visited the Netherlands you saw just how much. They have parking garages just for bikes because the Dutch ride them everywhere.

Because Gazelle has its own factory, they're able to take extra care in manufacturing, assembly and painting each ebike. This really shows when you ride a Gazelle. They're comfortable with high quality parts and technology using the Bosch ebike system. Gazelle ebikes feature low step-through frames to allow easy use by everyone, powerful and reliable mid-drive motors to get you to your destination and come complete with everything you need such as fenders, racks, lights, bells, locks, and kickstands.

Gazelle believes bikes should be a part of daily life and that everyone should be able to enjoy their ride. And we agree.


Modern, fun, and functional

The Gazelle Medeo family offers quality, reliability, and affordability. These hard-working bikes come fully loaded with Gazelle’s standard complement of accessories and powerful Bosch eBike systems to take you on rides far and wide with confidence. With an active to sportive seating position, Gazelle’s Medeos are perfect for commuters and athletic riders looking for a fast and responsive ride.

4 bikes with this model: Medeo T9 (mid step and high step), Medeo T9 City (mid step), Medeo T10 (mid step and high step), Medeo T10+ (mid step and high step). Call 317-340-4156 for availability.


Sleek, sportive, and dynamic.

The Gazelle Ultimate family features an award-winning design that merges dynamic performance and premium comfort. Loaded with top-of-the-range components, ergonomic features, and powerful Bosch ebike systems, Gazelle’s Ultimates offer a comfortable ride while using ultimate performance. Sleek battery integration within the frame creates an eye-catching appearance, while its high battery capacity provides a generous range suited to all sorts of adventures.

5 bikes with this model: Ultimate C8 (low step), Ultimate T10 (low step and high step), Ultimate T10+ (mid step and high step), Ultimate C380 (low step), Ultimate C380+ (mid step and high step). Call 317-340-4156 for availability.


Easy, elegant, comfortable

The Gazelle Arroyo family is a beautifully designed companion for smooth riding and classic Dutch style at its finest. Featuring top of the line components, an easy low-step frame, relaxed riding position, and integrated Bosch ebike technology, the Arroyo is super comfortable to ride without sacrificing power. The Arroyo is an all-arounder for trips of any type or duration, thanks to a powerful motor, high-capacity battery, and accessories. 

3 bikes with this model:  Arroyo C8 (low step),  Arroyo C7 (low step), Arroyo C5 (low step). Call 317-340-4156 for availability.

Gazelle Eclipse C380+ & T11+

Sleek, sportive, and dynamic.

The new 2024 Eclipse could easily replace your car. It has everything to make getting around by bike comfortable, fast and fun. It comes in two models, the C380+ and the T11+. The plus means you can go fast, up to 28 mph. The C380 uses the Enviolo, a stepless shifting gear hub. It has no fixed shifting positions; you simply twist the shifter for a slightly higher or lower gear. The ebike features Bosch's most powerful mid-drive motor, the Performance Line Speed, with the innovative Smart System platform. It has a maximum torque of 85 Nm and a 750wh battery meaning lots of power and long rides on one charge. Call 317-340-4156 for availability.

Gazelle FAQ

Shifting gears while stationary (you don’t have to be pedaling to shift)
Easier to down shift on a steep uphill
Generally last longer than comparable derailleur systems
Require less maintenance than comparable derailleur systems

Want to Know More?

Check out the Gazelle and Bosch websites for more info about Gazelle E-Bikes and how they work with Bosch displays.