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Group Rides

Group Rides

Group and Social Rides

We really do want to have more group and social rides in 2022. In 2021, we had many obstacles in rebooting them, including being super busy in the shop until late evening and having no ride leaders available.

However, we do enjoy hosting them and have a great time riding with others. Our main goal is to get some exercise, have lots of fun and fellowship, and drink beer afterward.

Our plan is to have these 3 core rides that will occur weekly and monthly. 

  • Gravel rides (weekly) 
  • eBike social rides (monthly) 
  • Pop up event rides (to be announced as we think of them)

There is also a weekly road ride from the Moontown Cycling Club, leaving from Moontown brewery just down the street. We will post their schedule this spring when it becomes available. There is always something fun happening here in Boone County.

weekly gravel group ride

Gravel Rides

The plan is to start our gravel rides again in late Spring 2022. Terry should be back to lead group 1 or Simon may be available again. We will have 3 groups: Fast, not as fast, and beginners. For the beginner group, we will have a shorter route so you can get used to riding in gravel. It can be really deep in the spring and fall, thus super challenging.

Details coming in March 2022. We also have a Facebook page that Terry updates.

eBoom Gravel Ride
electric bike social rides

eBike Social Rides

Whether you purchased your electric bike with us or from someplace else, it doesn't matter. Our ebike social rides are for everyone. And, if you have an acoustic bike (non electric), you're welcome to join us.

We will be setting up various rides this spring, summer and fall (and maybe winter) that will entail a nice ride with exercise, followed by social eating and drinking. We may even ride to some fun events this summer as a group. Details are being figured out this winter and will be published in March-ish.

biking and looking at Christmas lights

Pop Up Event Rides

Sometimes, a fun ride idea just hits us, or maybe a customer feeds us a great ride idea. We may not have much time to plan these, but we will pop them up via social media, our website and your email if you want. We can even text you. We have the technology.

Our first pop up event may be riding and looking at Christmas lights in Whitestown. This will be followed by wine, food and song. We're watching the calendar and the weather to schedule the best evening for it. May even be post Christmas, but before New Years. More to come...